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Single use sterile syringe with needle 

Single use sterile syringe with needle 

Material: Medical grade high transparent PP; 

International standard 6:100 nozzle (Luer slip); 

Package: Blister package; 

Technical Index

Technical index


Physical performance

Syringe: Appearance, Scale, Scale capacity line of ruler, Measuring number on ruler, Printing of ruler, Barrel, Push-button spacing, Piston, Conehead, Sliding performance, Body tightness, Capacity tolerance, Residual capacity.

Needle tube: Appearance, Size, Rigidity, Toughness, Corrosion resistance, Lubricant, Inner wall of needle tube, Needle file, Puncture force

Chemical properties

Readily oxidizable substance, Ethylene oxide residues

Biological properties

Sterile, Pyrogen, Cytotoxicity, Skin sensitization, Skin irritation, Acute systemic toxicity,  Hemolysis test

Performance Statements

The main performances of the product are: sliding performance, body tightness, capacity tolerance, residual capacity, extractable metal content, acidity and alkalinity, oxidizable, residual ethylene oxide, sterility, no pyrogen, no cytotoxicity, no skin sensitization, no skin irritation, no acute systemic toxicity, no hemolysis reaction, etc.