Disposable Anesthesia Circuit

  • Brand:Tie Shan Lan
  • Date:2014-7-7


Disposable Anesthesia Circuit

1. Material: Made of medical grade polymer material.

2. Size: Adult universal: HO-M01

              Adult sets: HO-M02

             Child universal: HO-M03

             Child sets: HO-M04

3. Component part: Parallel-wye Y type connector,  Hoses, Elbow connector, straight connector.

4. Connector: With standard luer connector 1:40; Secure connection, Reliable sealing.

5. Hose type and Length: Expandable hose or Corrugated hose, Length: 1.2m, 1.6m or 1.8m.

6. Package: Single in Blister bag, sterilized by EO gas.

7. Advantage: 1) Breathing bag, filter, medical mask are available upon customer's request;

                         2) The anesthesia circuit tube is Expandable  or corrugated hoses, anti-bending, no damage, and can ensure the flexibility for gas during mechanic ventilation.


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