Auto Disable Syringe

  • Brand:Tie Shan Lan
  • Date:2013-9-24


 Auto Disable Syringe 

1.    Size: 2ml, 5ml, 10ml

2.    Material: Made of medical grade PP

3.    Nozzle: Luer  Slip

4.    Certificate: CE, ISO13485 and WHO PQS certificate

5.    Package: Blister package, 100pcs/box, outer package by carton.

6.    Sterile by EO gas.

7.    Shelf life 3 years

8.    Brand: Tie Shan Lan or OEM



1. Fix needle & take off protective cap

2. Suck medicament and take off the protector

3. Vent the air

4. Inject

5. Inject to zero line, the plunger was destroyed, then the syringe was auto destruct.


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